The Life Cycle of A Domain Name
Network Solutions

    Any product has a lifecycle, as do businesses and industries. What about dot coms? What is the lifecycle of an on-line business? What are the growth stages of a dot com company? Let’s take a dot com lifecycle tour…

Dot Com lifecycle

Stage 1 – Secure On-line Identity

     These users have secured a Web address but not developed a Web site. At this stage, some web addresses may return with the following results: 

Under-construction page 
Web forwarding – forwarded to temporary site 
On-line business card (a 1-3 page Web site) 

Stage 2 – Establish Web Presence

This group has secured a Web address and developed a Web site to present information about their company’s product and services. Most businesses at this stage of the lifecycle use their site as: 

An on-line brochure 
A recruitment tool – post job opportunities 
A customer support tool – FAQ and product usage information 
A channel to gather visitors information 

Stage 3 – E-commerce

These businesses have secured their Web address, developed a Web site and are processing purchases on-line. They are using their Web site to sell their products and services on-line. These Web sites have the following: 

On-line payment (accepts credit cards) 
 Secured payment (some) 
Shopping cart (most)

Stage 4 – E-commerce and Customer Relationship Management

These businesses have gone beyond providing a secured e-commerce solution to enable customers to buy from their site, they are using their Web site to develop and maintain a relationship with their customers. Some of these sites provide the following: 

On-line account management 
Customization based on the visitor’s profile/preferences 
Rewards program 
Interactive shopping 

Stage 5 – Service Application Model

These on-line businesses offer real-time business processing through their sites. In many cases, allowing the site visitors to sell, buy, transact, store and retrieve information, check inventory, and manage their portfolios. Some well-known sites that have achieved this high point of the dot com lifecycle are: 

     The irony of the dot com lifecycle is that an on-line business can be successful at any point in the lifecycle. Depending on the industry that a company is in and the types of products and services that it provides, that particular company can remain at Stage 2 (Web Presence) and provide a very useful service to its target audience.