Selling your Domain Name: Going It Alone

Selling a Domain Name Yourself

     Perhaps you don't want to slip a domain broker a share of the loot from a domain name sale. Or you believe you can do a better job of selling the name... so go for it!

     First, you need to price your name. Visit domain brokers to get a feel for prices of similar names, read the FAQ about selling names, then steel yourself and price your name at 50% of your initial estimate. That way, you just might be able to sell it...

     You'll need to advertise the name as widely as possible. The sites below all offer free listing of one or more domain names. Be courteous in your dealings with these sites and, who knows, they might well introduce you to a potential buyer.

     You'll also need to work out some way to get the money and reassure the buyer that they will get the name. While you could try for a cheque or money order, many buyers might be put off at the idea, especially if the purchase runs into the thousands of dollars. So you might want to consider an escrow service.

The Best

Multimedia Realty Inc. 
Multimedia Realty offers an "escrow" service for $250 to facilitate the transfer of domain names and protect buyers and sellers by acting as an intermediary for payments.

A site with a very appropriate domain name [], Domains offers free domain listing services. Clean, simple site layout, no hassle domain name listings. A nice little search engine too, which is vital if you don't want to be lost under the flood of names! If you are trying to sell a name yourself, this site should be near the top of your list of places to visit.
As well as being packed to the gunnels with information on legal aspects of domain names, also offers a free domain name listing service.

The Rest

A slightly strange site that offers lots of names for sale... I say strange because a lot of the names on offer appear to be fairly random collections of letters. However, they do offer a FREE Domain Board where visitors can post their "Domain names for sale" posts.

CoolNames offers a free domain name listing service. It also provides domain registration facilities. CoolNames also deals in vanity phone numbers.