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What, exactly, is a Domain Name?


It is simply a name, such as or, which acts as a unique identifier and locator on the Internet.  Usually, you will want to choose a domain name that is meaningful to yourself or your business.  However, you may need to be creative, as millions of domain names have already been secured.  When you apply through, your domain will be registered immediately and then may be used as a pointer to your personal or business page. In addition, registering through us gives you flexibility you need, giving you unlimited emails under your own domain, domain parking, and redirecting your domains and subdomains to the site you prefer -  ALL for FREE at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.  Call that great value for the already low cost domain registration fee.









What is domain registration?

It is the process of registering a new domain name that does not currently exist. An example of a domain name is or To search for for the availability of domains, click on the REGISTER A DOMAIN link above.  To see who registered what domain, use the Whois search page.










How do I register a domain name?

You simply check the domain name in the "REGISTER A DOMAIN" link above and if it's available,  sign-up and follow the step-by-step procedure. You can use the same username and password if you already have an account with and manage all the domains that you have registered with us using just a single account.  Alternatively, you may call us at (632)3631558 or (632)4164067 and register through telephone.  Our friendly support staff are waiting to answer your calls. You may also visit our office locate at 683 A. Bonifacio St., cor. 7th Ave., Balintawak, Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1115, Philippines (See MAP)










What does it cost to register a domain? offers realtime domain name registration via our website, visit our office,  or through phone. Pricing is only 800 Pesos per domain per year, and payment can be done  by cash, check or major credit card through secure internet transactions. Domains can be registered from 1 to 10 years.

A free 'Under Construction' page is provided for each domain registered.

Free Unlimited Web Based Email is optionally provided - you Administer your emails on-the-fly.  Free Unlimited Sub-domains and  Redirection is also provided for all domains


Click here to register your domain.








What Characters can I use in a Domain Name and how long can it be?


The valid characters for domain names are the alphabet, numbers and hyphens.  Domain names are not case sensitive, therefore you could use or amd there is NO difference.  A Domain name cannot start or end with a hyphen.  Special characters such as exclamation marks (!), question marks (?), and underscores(_) are NOT allowed.  There can be NO spaces in a domain name. register domains as long at 67 characters.  That is 63 characters plus the extension .com, .net, .org to make up 67 total characters. Shorter domains are preferred because they are less prone to mistyping errors and easier to remember.










Why is my new domain still showing as available?

It takes a day or two for the registration to be processed and updated in the Whois database. If you would like to check the whois record for your newly registered domain, try after about 12 to 24 hours after registration.















Do I get "Parking" for my domain with a registration?

Yes, registration includes free Parking. We will set-up redirection or parking depending on your instructions.










How do I upload my pages?

Registration alone does not include a website. You can always setup a site at a FREE webspace provider like or but with an advertisement in addition to their slow loading.  If you wish to setup Hosting for your domain, you must sign up with a webhosting provider.  We have webhosting services available - click here to visit WorldWideWeb Hosting Networks. Instant account activation and no Setup-Fees.  We just have to wait until your domain resolves with the DNS information entered in the Whois database. It may take as long as 2 days from the time the registration application is submitted for all the servers of the world to reload and recognize the new domains. To upload your page to your webhost, you will need an FTP program which is available for download on this site.  Click here to Download CUTEFTP.







Do I need two name servers before I can register a domain name?

Yes, but this is done for you automatically. These servers, which have both the software and the data required to resolve domain names to Internet Protocol (IP) numbers, ensure that the domain name can be contacted over the Internet.  If you have your own NameServer, pls inform us, otherwise we will host it on our nameservers by default in order to provide for the redirection.  You may change your own DNS settings via the web based Domain Management Interface.










How do I change my email address or other contact information for my domains?

Simply click on the "Manage Domain" link on the website.  Log in with the user name and password you created your domain with, and the name of any domain you have registered with us. From there, you can add/modify contact profiles, create sub-users, change DNS settings, and so on.  Instant updating of information on the fly immediately available from any Whois query. If you did not signup Online, or forgot your password, call or email us so we can assign you your own User ID and Password to modify your domain Information.  Alternatively, just contact us we will do the rest for you.









What trademark issues pertain to domain names?

We do not give advice on specific trademark questions. If a domain name is available, there is very little to stop somebody from registering it. However it is possible that you may violate a registered trademark if you attempt to use it. Whether or not this is the case depends on how generic the domain name is and how the courts apply the existing trademark law. It would be difficult for any company to sue over a domain name that uses a word from the dictionary, unless it is being used in such a way that it could cause confusion with an existing trademark. The global nature of the Internet makes the issue even more difficult. For example there is Swedish toy manufacturer called Brio and there is also an Italian softdrink producer called Brio. Who has the rights to Brio Technology in Palo Alto, California because they got to register the domain first.








How does handle domain disputes?

All domain name disputes (including trademark disputes) are governed by ICANN's Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy. Please click here to view this policy.











Where do I access my FREE Email included with the Domain Registration? 


Once the setup has been completed and the domain is already active,  we will fax or email you an Accomplishment Report informing you that the domain you registered is already active.  If you have requested for FREE email service, you may access your web-based email at http://mail.<> where you substitute your registered domain to <>.  If you have not yet requested the FREE email service and would like to do so, email us at and we will activate it, available for access after 10 minutes.  If you have availed of our Webhosting Services, the free email service may or may not apply to you depending on your own decision.











How do I change Redirection Information?


You have many choices. Either you click into Domain Manager and  Fill up the Form,    email us or just call us and we'll help you fix it up on the fly. 


If you have any other concerns, questions or inquiries just email us at






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Support Questions


What will we do if we are having problems  or have questions and we need to contact you?


You only need to contact us through e-mail at and we will answer your inquiries/problems as soon as we can.  If you require a more immediate assistance, pls. call our Customer Service Staff at (632)363-1558 or (632)416-4067.  We are on call from 10AM to 7PM Mondays to Saturdays.  Outside these office hours, pls. email us at the address given above.








I have already uploaded my website, why is my page still showing Under Construction?


Its probably because you have uploaded a file called index.htm.  When your site is new, there is a default index.html file that is the under construction page.  If both index.html and index.htm  exists, the priority file to load is index.html.  We suggest you delete or overwrite the default index.html file in order for your own page to appear. 











Domain Name Server (DNS) QUESTIONS

What exactly is an A record?

An A record is used to point to your domain.  You point to the address of the server that holds your domain account. This can only be an IP address. If you need to point to a server name  you will need to use CNAME records.  You may not point to a URL.  No DNS server can point to a URL.  If you need to point to a URL you will have to use URL forwarding services.  This is a free redirection service if you have registered the domain name from us.







What exactly is a CNAME record?

A CNAME record is used to point to a server using the server domain name instead of an IP address.  If you need to point to an IP address, use the A record method. You point to the server name that holds your domain account. This can only be a server name, not an IP address. You may not point to a URL.  No DNS server can point to a URL. 











What exactly is an MX record?

An MX record is used to determine what server will be used to send and receive e-mail.  When using this type of record be sure you set your DNS server data to point to the proper IP or server name.  This cannot be a URL.  Be aware that the server or IP  that you direct your MX record to must recognize your domain name.  If the server you point to does not recognize or does not have your domain name in it's databases, you mail servers will not work.  Our mail servers are configured to work with your paid service and configures your DNS servers automatically for you upon web site creation.








Do you Support ASP?


Yes, of course we utilize Windows NT Servers and fully support Active Server Pages (ASP).










Do I need a CGI-BIN folder for my PERL to run?

No.  Your scripts will run from any folder on your site as we run Windows NT servers. This allows any PERL script with the .PL or .CGI extension to execute from any folder. Of course, you can create a CGI-BIN if you want.  If your scripts require write access, go to your file access manager and grant the files and folders the proper access to execute the scripts.  Beware of bad scripts!  Once write access is enabled,  you will be vulnerable to malicious scripts!  Be sure that there are no "back doors" in your scripts when running with write access enabled.









Where is PERL located on the server?

Our servers use the Windows NT platform.  You do not need to have a CGI-BIN location for your perl scripts to work.  As long as you give your scripts an extension of .PL or .CGI your program will execute. All scripts should execute from within any directory.  If you require write access on your site,  contact support at the email address below and we will be glad to make your server writable.











What is the absolute path to my web site?


Your web site is located on our servers in the following way:




yoursitenamecom would assume that your web site was ""  Replace it with your actual site name. If this does not work for you then try adding a "d:/" before the string.  Another way is to get a PERL script from Matt's Script Archive and it will tell you all you need to know about our  servers script locations.







Do you charge any fees to setup a web site?

NO. We have mostly everything automated on our servers so we don't need to pay techs to manually enter in our clients web sites and configurations.  This means more savings for you in the long run. Does this mean that your personal service wil suffer? No. We have techs available on the phones and through e-mail to answer all your questions.  We will respond to e-mails usually within the hour.. sometimes in minutes, depending on the day. 







Do I get a Secure SSL 128Bit with my account?

Yes. We offer with all web hosting accounts our secure certificate.  We have a 128 BIT SSL secured socket layer, secure server setup for use.  The information on this server is given to you upon signing up for a web hosting account. We also allow you to setup your OWN certificate. There is a 2,500 pesos  nominal setup fee for your own cert, but we offer ours for FREE.






What's my mail server settings?

Your mail server settings were sent to you in your server setup e-mail. If you need your settings again, try using the following methods. You and your clients can connect to our web based e-mail server by going to http:// If you would like to connect using your own clients, your mail server for POP3 and SMTP  is "".  Use your server name for both POP3 and SMTP settings. Your user ID is your full e-mail address. If you have further problems, contact 







How do I setup my mail server to "catch-all" mail messages?

There is an option to create a "nobody" alias under your main account.  This option is  used to "catch-all" mail messages to your server that have no user name listed in your  database.  For instance, your server receives a message for but there is no account for "bob" so the server looks for an alias setup for "nobody" and if it  finds one, that mail is routed there and not returned to sender. This is a good feature if you need to setup alot of boxes for yourself and don't want to spend the time creating them.  It's also good to catch spammers trying to spam your server.









How do I use a form mailer (ASP Mail)?

Our form mailer is ASPMail or JMail. The following code will send a mail message to your email address using Active Server Page programming. This is only a sample and must be modified to suite your needs. All options below are not needed to make the mailer function. We currently have no other form mail programs on our servers, but you can get them for free from various resources on the Internet.


Be sure that if you use your SMTP server, the email account FROM address MUST reside as a user, NOT AN ALIAS, on your mail server.  We do not relay mail for 3rd parties and this will cause your mail NOT to be sent out.


You may use our code template for FORM TO EMAIL and adjust it based on your own settings.  The code may be accessed at 





My mail client is having problems!

If you are using a mail client, be sure that you use the full user email address as the login ID for POP3 and SMTP.  IE:  There are known bugs with certain clients such as Eudora, Outlook and Netscape.  If you cannot get your mail using these clients, replace the "@" with a "%" and this should correct the login problems.


 username: (or

 pop3 server:

 complete username+pop3 account:










How do I use my List Server?

Your list server is set up for you in your web mail account.  From there you can create and manage all mailing lists. You have an unlimited number of lists that you are able to create and manage. The way to send a message to the list server and have it broadcast to all members of the mailing list, you will need to compose your message and send it to: list_name@yourdomainname


Subject and body will then be sent to all members of the list.








Do you support SENDMAIL? 

At this time we do not support sendmail. This is a UNIX feature. We run Windows NT servers. We do support ASPmail. We also support, in Perl 5,  the option to use SMTP mail services using the NET:: feature in Perl5. 









How do I get a DSN for my database?

You can do it yourself right now by going to member services, then go to web hosting manager and add your DSN from there, or simply mail us at tech support and we will do it for you.  But why wait for us? Do it now! It's only going to take you 10 seconds! It's fast, simple, and easy to do.  We strive to offer the best in online service and web site management.










How do I setup an ODBC DSN?

Go to your domain manager and select the DSN Manager.  From there you can setup your DNS's for your database.  You can make a connection to the database using the DSN or use a DSNless connection as well.














What version of MS Access do you support?

We support Microsoft Access 2000 and below drivers for your use.  You can feel confident that we are always getting the latest drivers and updates direct from Microsoft to keep our servers compliant with any and all issues that may arise.  We offer state of the art technology on all of our NT servers.  If you need to add a database to your web site,  simply go to member services and add your own DSN online right now! No need to wait for our techs to add you to the systems. You can do it with the click of your mouse!










Do You Support Microsoft SQL Server?


Yes we do support Microsoft SQL Server 7.  There is a one time set-up fee of 1,300 for utilizing Microsoft SQL. We give you access to the SQL server via the Enterprise manager and Query Anaylizer. Assuming you have that software, or anything else to connect to SQL 7.0 from Microsoft







I could not access my DSN.  It says "invalid file DSN" or "path/file not found"

We use systemDSN not FILEDSN
Please use "DSN=DSNFILE" and not "FileDSN=DSNFILE"
As an additional information, adding a DSN under your account should be referenced on your root directory and not the absolute path.

path: /database.mdb (if your mdb file is in your root directory)
path: /database/database.mdb (if your mdb file is inside your subdirectory "database")

For other information about setting up DSN and DSNless Connection Databases, Visit or 
For full reference, you may visit  - where you learn the ins and outs of ASP Programming


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