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Sep 12,2013


.com - 110,622,780

.BIZ & .INFO New Top Level Domains NOW Available Here!

Don't Get Left Behind! the new TOP LEVEL gTLD Domains is now available here!!!  Our price is  ONLY  800 pesos per year! Includes our value added features like Unlimited Emails / Subdomains / Redirection / DNS Hosting. You can now register online!


Once again DOMAINPHIL.COM proved to be the country's number one domain registration provider by being the first to offer .NAME domains.  .NAME domains are now available for Registration! This domain has a format of 

First name.Last name.name

Of course the price is also 800 Pesos a year

For details, schedules & pricing, 


Dot TV Domain is Now Available!

          We are now offering .TV Registration! .TV is treated as a premium domain as it is closely related to the abbreviation or Television! As one of the fastest growing domains. As a premium domain, .TV cost a little higher than the .COM domain (P2,000.00), but our price would still be lower than other .TV registrants!  We will implement a discount table for the .TV domains.  The more years you register the domain, the higher the discount! All of these only Domain Registration Philippines can deliver.  Truly the First, the Biggest and the Best Domain Registration Company in the Philippines.  

Transfer and Renew Your Existing Domains to Us for  FREE!

     Do you already have an existing domain that you have registered with other registrars in the past? Is your Domain Expiring Soon and needs to be Renewed? Are you too limited by your domain? Want to have unlimited Emails,  Subdomains and Redirections for FREE? Want to be free and get the advantages or realtime modification and great value features plus low renewal rates? All Domain Name owners who have  registered their .COM, .NET and .ORG with other registrars like Network Solutions or Register.COM can transfer their domain  to our registrar for FREE and extend the remaining time of their domain registration for one (1) whole year for only 800 Pesos.  For example, if you have 5 months remaining in your previous domain, the remaining time for the domain registration will now be 1 year and 5 months.  Now what is  the difference? Nothing because we are both accredited registrars and the advantage is that you get to renew your domain registration yearly for a lower price as compared to the previous registrar.  Domain transfer procedures will take about 9 days to complete.  So what are you waiting for? Transfer that domain NOW and set yourself FREE!


For 3 years in a row, Domain Registration Philippines participates in the nationwide E-services exhibition to be held on Feb 13-15,2003 at the World Trade Center, Roxas Boulevard. Admission is FREE!
Once again, proving that we are the cream of the crop, our stability is your assurance and the key in choosing a partner for your internet needs.
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   Welcome to the website of the Philippine's First Domain Registration Company

     It is no doubt the Internet is a booming industry here in the Philippines today, supported by the fact that many new Internet Service Providers as well as Internet Cafe's are put up nowadays, and the people are just too eager to keep in touch of whats in and whats hot.

     In these times of futuristic, technological revolution, sad to say, we are still in the stage of lagging behind  a couple of years, I would say, as compared to the other countries in the Asian Region.

     The Internet is one of the best things that has happened to us and the opportunity is just there to grab and tell the whole world that "Hey, we are here and we can do what you can and more."

     Most of us, if asked, would like to have our own Domain Name,  Our global address wherever we may be, to show the whole world that we can be equally talented when it comes to being globally competitive.

     It is not that hard to get it started.  Put that business on the Internet.  Get that Brand for your Company.  Introduce E-Commerce, Venture into the Virtual World, Link your associations worldwide.  Previously, the most common questions were "How" and "How Much." 

     Those are the two things that we plan to change for the better.



     .CN is now availabe for registration! dont forget to grab your share in the chinese market!


          .UK  stands for the country United Kingdom and .CA is for Canada. During the past year, .UK became one of the most after sought ccTLD  registrations after the .COM and now has about 2.3 Million registered domains..UK domains costs lower than .COM and has a minimum of 2 years registration.Our price? only P475.00 per .UK domain per year! 

       So  whether you like to put up a business ambiance in the UK or would like to secure your name under the Dot-UK domains, we at DomainPhil.Com are always ready to help you and continuously look for ways to enhance, improve and expand our services. Like our system for the TLD's (.COM/.NET/.ORG) we utilize our online registration solutions for these domains and offer realtime domain management via the online control panel.  Still deciding? Get your .UK domains now and take your rightful presence in the UK.  

          .CA domains is an example of a restrictive domain. They are reserved for qualified Canadian residents and Business only.  If you require a .CA domain, register online and we'll give you a low price of only P1,350.00 per .CA domain per year!

     .VC is a domain of the St. Vincent Island and is talked about as Virtual Communities. Now available for registration!



Domain Registration Philippines is now more dependable than ever! With the formation of our USA company, WorldWideWeb IT Networks, LLC, you can be assured of our highest quality of service and true global competitiveness. As you can always expect, you are FAR AHEAD of the competition, if you entrust your IT needs with Domain Registration Philippines, where ever you may be.

DotPH Domains are now available for Registration!

     In response to the ever growing

 requirements of the Filipino People, we now accept domain registrations that ends in the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .PH.  The domains that we register include flat .PH, .COM.PH, .NET.PH, .ORG.PH, .EDU.PH and .GOV.PH

     For More Information on the pricing, guidelines and registration of DotPH domains, pls. log into http://www.dotph.com


  Why do we sell domains at a lower cost compared to other registrars?

    Not so long ago, the Internet Domain Names Application was assigned to the INTERNIC of the US Government which was later assigned to Network Solutions.  Monopoly ruled the Domain Name World, until recently, when the Domain Registration was decentralized, and was divided to many accredited registrars.  This competition caused some registrars to lower their charge for Domain Registration Services, although most of them still maintained, up to now, their $70USD 2 year minimum domain name registration, while some still charge extra  for setup in addition to the basic registration fee.

Previously, registering a domain name was a long and risky process.  Either you register online and pay in US Dollars via risky credit card transactions, or pay an Internet Service Provider to register the domain for you and pay $70USD in the current currency exchange rate plus additional registration charges.

     Also, until recently was Domain Names treated as a very valuable item.  Just like real estate in the virtual world, their value change year after year, depending on the importance of the name, and the current owner's successful development of the site.  That is why almost all of the common words today has already been registered, for sale or for bidding.

     One of the most important thing to remember is that once a Domain Name has been taken, it is almost impossible to reposses.

     Now why are we doing this, registering domains at a very low price, NO HIDDEN CHARGES, no additional cost, with added value features? it is  because we are not doing  this purely for profit but to encourage the Filipino People to be globally competitive, disseminate awareness of the IT revolution, and make Domain Registration Accessible, Available and Affordable and make it easy for all to get their very own .COM, .NET or .ORG


SSL Secure Server Certificates establishes TRUST in the Internet when conducting business online most specially if you have secure information that must be transmitted (e.g. Credit Card Information)  This makes communications between the user and the server secure and encrypted so no one can intercept the information being transmitted. 128-bit Secure Server Certificates are normally available about $500  but is available through us at the lowest of $80.00, issued at the fastest time of only 10 minutes.  Domainphil is an accredited Partner of THAWTE, Geotrust, and Verisign, the leading Certificate Authorities in the World.
More info? Pls. visit us at http://www.secureservers.org

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